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Your goal is a successful path through treatment for every patient. Ours too. We’re here to support you with the best possible devices for that journey, as well as helpful information and resources.

The Ponseti Method

Our products are designed to support the Ponseti Method — a highly developed, multi-year process that guides families to a successful correction of their little one’s clubfoot condition.

For more detailed information on the Ponseti Method and its application, please visit Ponseti International at

Year 1

  • Diagnosis of Clubfoot (at or before birth)

    Most clubfoot diagnoses are made during a prenatal ultrasound exam or immediately after birth.

  • Treatment Phase (6-8 weeks)

    Weekly treatment sessions typically begin within one to two weeks of birth. In each session, a specialist uses their hands to gently manipulate and stretch the ligaments and tendons of the baby’s foot. A plaster cast is then applied to reinforce the newly corrected shape and position. This process typically continues for six to eight weeks, gradually bringing the baby’s foot into the correct alignment.

  • Tenotomy Procedure

    Before applying the final cast, most babies undergo a percutaneous Achilles tenotomy. This minor in-office procedure involves making a tiny incision to the Achilles tendon. By the time the cast is removed, the tendon has healed and grown to the proper length.

  • Maintenance Phase (3 months)

    After the last cast is removed, the child is fitted for a special brace, consisting of ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) attached at the ends of a lightweight bar. This brace is typically worn for 23 hours a day for three months. It is critical that the brace is worn exactly as prescribed, in order to ensure successful repositioning of the foot.

Year 2-5

  • Sleep Maintenance

    To ensure the correction holds, the child will continue to wear the AFO and bar during the night while sleeping for four years, or as prescribed.

Clubfoot Library

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Frequently Asked Questions

When a child is in pain or uncomfortable, the parent may remove the brace, contributing to relapse. Our AFOs have been designed to promote comfort in every detail, including a soft inner lining and a soft synthetic leather body—leading to a demonstrated increase in compliance with the use of our brace.

In addition, our AFOs feature viewing holes at the heel to allow parents to easily check and readjust heel placement. Our patented lock-and-release mechanism makes putting on and taking off our AFOs easy and convenient, helping parents navigate everyday activities like diapering, high chairs and shopping cart seating. 

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Why is Ponseti method the best?
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Our sizing liners help with easy, accurate sizing of the AFO shoes. You can also download our sizing chart.

The Mitchell Ponseti® AFO was designed with the buckles set to the inside of the foot, making it a bit easier for parents to put them on and take them off.  However, some Ponseti® experts do allow buckles to the outside of the foot based on professional preference or customer convenience. Changing the orientation of the buckles will not alter the performance or add risk of injury.

Contact our helpful customer service team at 1-877-766-7384 for help and troubleshooting. 

Place the foot into the shoe, bend the child’s knee and push down slightly to make sure the heel is seated. Press gently on the top of the foot (where the leg meets the foot) with your thumb to make sure that the foot is all the way in, and tighten the middle strap first. The strap helps keep the heel firmly down into the shoe.

On average, an AFO will last 4-9 months. However, some children grow rapidly and will need new AFOs sooner. As your child’s growth rate slows, more time can be expected from each AFO.

The bars are adjustable and should last approximately 2-3 pairs of AFOs. The bar width should be periodically checked and adjusted to match your child’s shoulder width or as recommended by your physician or orthotist.

An impression kit is not required. Most customers enjoy good results using measurements only. Processing an impression kit will add 1-2 days to your order processing time.

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Warranty / Return Policy

First and foremost, we want you and your child to be happy and comfortable with your system. So we handle all returns on a case-by-case basis. Before sending back any items, make sure to contact our customer service team for a Return Authorization Number. Note that refunds may take up to 4 weeks upon receipt to process.